general update




It had been quite some time since the site has had its general information updated, so we thought it should be a priority to do just that. We've updated our missions section primarily to include a current list of supported missionaries, as well as some of the info on some of our other pages.




This most recent update was a quick update to the calendar section of the website. We have added all known activities that the church has scheduled for the entire year of 2009. More information regarding the ladies, King's Kids, teens, and senior ministries will be added and/or updated as it becomes available.


May the Lord bless you and your family this new year!



Well, we just finished missions conference week, and God really blessed us. We had a good turnout each night, and a good response response with the faith-promise offering. Bro. Jennings did an excellent job speaking, and it was a true joy to have him with us. We were also very blessed to have the Roberts, the Powells, and the Worley's join us at the conference this year. At the close of the conference we decided to take on the Worley family for monthly support.


Our missions section has been updated to include information on the Worley's as well as a link to their website and information on the field they are travelling to. Please be sure to keep the Worley family in your prayers as they travel to the difficult field of the Netherlands.


This update also included some minor content fixes and updated copyright information.


In the near future, we will most likely expand our sections regarding the youth department and the ladies ministries. We are brainstorming ideas regarding those sections and what would make them more fun and informative.


Thanks to all who helped make this year's missions conference a success. If you would like to contribute to our faith promise giving and have not yet had the chance to, feel free to pick up a faith-promise giving card in the office.


God Bless!




It's finally here! After months of preparation and work, the missions section of the website has finally been completed and uploaded. This is a very exciting time for us, in that the directory is finally available for use, following the creation of hundreds of images and over 100 .html pages, detailing information on 57 different missionaries that we support and providing geographical, historical, and religious data on 40 different countries in which we support missions work. As you can see, it's been quite a large undertaking, but we are glad to have it as part of our website.


There are various modes of navigation depending on what you are searching specifically for. For instance, if you would like to quickly find information on a particular missionary, you can view our supported missionaries by (alphabetical) list. If you would like to view by region or country then you must begin your navigation with the regional links located towards the top of the directory pages. At any time, if you would like to return to the missions home page, you can simply click the banner located at the top of any missions page.


Through this directory, we plan to keep updated missionary and country information as well as provide a "missionary of the month" where each month we will highlight a specific missionary or missions work and provide a link to their latest missions letter.


Please take the time to view the information presented in our missions directory, if you are a missionary who would like your information or picture to be updated, or if you are simply viewing the pages and have any suggestions on improvements or you notice any errors, please feel free to report them to us at,


Thank you and God bless you!




This most recent update was a quick update to the calendar section of the website. We have added all known activities that the church has scheduled for the entire year of 2008. More specifically, the ladies, King's Kids, teens, and college ministries have had their activities added and/or updated.


The Letters from Dad ministry for men will begin with leadership training on Feb. 9th. Following the training, several events pertaining to Letters From Dad will be scheduled on the calendar, so if you're interested in participating be sure and check back often.


God Bless!




Due to some unexpected technical problems, there have been a few changes to the calendar section of the website. The calendar section now consists only of .html pages and no logner contains any flash elements, thus, flashplayer 9 is no longer required to view it. This means that the new calendar section is less interactive than before, but with the new layout, updates and/or changes to the calendar should be quicker and more efficient. Also, activities planned for the entire year of 2008 thus far, have been added to the calendar section as opposed to one or two months at a time, this should allow for much more advanced notice on church events and for easier planning to take place.


The missions section should be up very soon. If all goes well, it should be active and populated within a couple of weeks, so be sure and check back often.


If you have any suggestions or comments on how to improve the site feel free to contact our webmaster at:


Thank you and God bless!




This update populated the ministries section with general information about the ministries we offer. Each section (i.e. children, ladies, men, bus ministry, sunday school, etc.) has an introductory statement about why each ministry is important, and the lists what each ministry has to offer.


Please take some time to look around each ministry page and see if God is calling you to get involved with any of these ministries, be it in participation or in leadership.


Also, a form has been added to the contact section of the website regarding a site mailing list. If you would like to join the mailing list, please fill out the form with your contact information, and our webmaster will add you. Periodically we will send you update notes, important announcements, and other information through that mailing list. So if you're interested in what's happening at please feel free to join!


Be sure and check back often as our site is always growing, and God bless you!




In this latest update, we have added the church mission statement and constitution & bylaws as well as a brief church history to the "about us" section of the website. In order to view the bylaws and constitution you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Acrobat Reader is available for free download at and is completely safe to use.


We have also updated several calendar events:


Nov 18th - Mystery Dinner removed
Nov 18th - College & Career Lunch Fellowship added
Dec 16th - Children's Christmas Program added





After much prayer and planning, the official site has been launched for Temple Baptist Church, Hobbs, NM. Our hope for the site is not only that our members find it an important resource tool, but also that visitors can use the information presented here to assist in the decision to get involved in our church. Also, if you do not know the Lord as your Savior, our hope is that you will receive a clear presentation of the gospel message and also a clear view of what we believe as a church body.


At it's initial launch, only a few sections are currently available. This is because we decided that the site should be gradually built with an early launch date rather than completely built with a later date. The currently available sections include contact information which contains information on how to contact the church or its staff, as well as a schedule of services and a map to help direct first time visitors to our location. Also included in the initial launch is the frequently asked questions page. Here, site visitors can find answers to a variety of questions regarding salvation, the church, our beliefs, etc. The calendar section is also available, but at the current time you can only view events scheduled for the months of November and December 2007. Finally, visit our links section for a few links to the BBFI and other Christian resources.


The About Us, Ministries, and Missions sections will become available soon, so keep checking back and be sure to check out this page to keep you informed.


A number of updates will be available soon. If you have any comments/suggestions or encounter any technical problems with the site, please feel free to email our webmaster at